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Security Audits

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Corporate Training

    “Training should be seen as an Investment and not as Cost……”   Organizations need to provide adequate […]

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Assurance Services

Security Services “We DO it for YOU……” Our security engineers will work along with your teams to understand your […]

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Digital Forensics

“Finding the Unseen…….” Digital Forensics is part of the larger Security Incident Investigation process and is needed when related […]

ISO 21434 Implementation Services

ISO 21434 Implementation

ISO 21434 is the cyber security standard for the Automotive Industry. This standard is also referred to as the […]

Physical security assessment

Physical Security Assessments

These  assessments are aimed at identifying ingress and egress points to a facility and identifying loop holes in the […]

Security Policy Design

Security Policy Design

Security Policies are key to an Organisation’s security posture. These are to be designed keeping in mind Client needs, […]


Our Portfolio

Every company that deals with card data, card holder information, health records, or personal data must comply with applicable local and international laws and at the same time, satisfy client needs. Deploying tools and introducing processes would be insufficient to achieve these objectives, without making significant changes to the security culture of the organization. You need a cybersecurity expert in India to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity.

We work as external cybersecurity partners, who perform specialized assessments, reviews of your infrastructure, policies n processes to gauge your security posture, and compliance to applicable  requirements. These factors make us the best company for cybersecurity services in India.

Safeguard Your IT Infrastructure and Data with CyberSniper’s Cybersecurity Solutions, Pune!

Dealing effectively with the ever-expanding and evolving horizon of cyberattacks, companies need to partner with professional cybersecurity services providers that help them keep their IT environment immune. Here, CyberSniper, one of the leading cybersecurity companies, India, plays an instrumental role.

As one of the top and the best IT security consulting firms, India, we craft customized cybersecurity solutions for IT environments of varying sizes and architectures, including startups, SMEs, and global companies. We are a team of information security consultants, India who amass decades of cumulative experience across the cybersecurity space.

As one of the top cybersecurity companies in Pune, India, we have a wide range of services in the form of Information security consultancy, corporate cybersecurity training, and cybersecurity services. Our experience in dealing with security threats and ability to rectify shortcomings makes us one of the best Information security consultants, India.

Our expertise extends to other areas including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Managed Security Audit Services, Threat Modelling and Virtual CISO, India.

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