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Every organization that deals with Card data, Card Holder information, Health Records, or Personal data
needs to comply with applicable local and international laws & also satisfy clients/ customer needs.
Deploying tools and introducing processes would be insufficient to achieve these objectives, without
making significant changes in the security culture of the organization. At Cybersniper we provide
cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity training for startups, mid & large size companies in India.

Organizations engage external information security consultants to perform specialized assessments,
Reviews of their infrastructure, Policies processes to gauge their security posture, and compliance to
organizational requirements. We are one of the best IT security consulting firms in India.

CyberSniper Solutions is one of the top cybersecurity companies in Pune, India. We have a wide range of
solutions in the form of Information security consultancy, Corporate cybersecurity training, and
cybersecurity services. Our experience in dealing with security threats and ability to rectify shortcomings
makes us one of the best Information security consultants in India.

CyberSniper Solutions is the best cybersecurity company in India, Assisting organizations in areas of
Vulnerability assessments, Penetration Testing, Secure Software Development, Digital Forensics, and
Managed Security Audit Services.